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The 3 Most Impressive Chiropractor Videos

As a devoted ASMR chiropractic enthusiast, I have curated a selection of three videos that have left me astounded by the patient improvements they showcase.

3 - Dr. Rahim

For the third spot, I’m actually offering you two videos. I recommend watching the first part followed by the third (although there’s no harm in taking a peek at the second part as well). 

This will provide you with a comprehensive view of the patient’s transformation.

A woman visits Dr. Rahim’s office, unable to open her legs, a condition that severely hampers her. I invite you to watch these two parts and witness the effectiveness of the GONSTEAD method.

Dr rahim youtube video part 1 player

Dr. Rahim youtube vidéo Part 1

Youtube Dr. Rahim Player

Dr. Rahim youtube vidéo Part 3

2 - Dr. Alex Tubio

The second video features a woman who traveled for 22 hours by car to see Dr. Tubio. She is struggling to move due to intense leg pain. See how Dr. Tubio manages to help this woman with his powerful adjustments. It’s a session filled with emotions.

Youtube Dr. Tubio Player

1 - Dr. Ian

We conclude this selection with the video that introduced me to the world of chiropractors. This video is among the most popular chiropractic videos, with over 60 million views. Like the first doctor, Dr. Ian employs the GONSTEAD method.

The video documents the different sessions of a young man with a severely curved back. Watch, and you will be amazed by the progress made by this young man.

Youtube Dr. Ian Player

This Top 3 concludes here, feel free to like their videos and subscribe to their YouTube channel. They truly deserve it.

Article Illustration by Karolina Grabowska: