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Summer time rendering presentation

A Hidden Gem in the World of Anime

Are you, like me, constantly in search of new anime series, only to find that most of what you discover lacks the freshness and uniqueness you crave?
Today, let’s delve into a hidden gem that, in my opinion, deserves more recognition Summer Time Rendering (Time Shadows).

1 - What's It All About?

Summer Time Rendering follows the journey of a young man named Shinpei Ajiro, who returns to his hometown after the tragic passing of his childhood friend, Ushio. 

His return leads to his participation in her funeral and the rekindling of old friendships. However, there is an eerie air of mystery surrounding the island. A cold darkness seems to shroud it. What secrets lie behind Ushio’s death?

Shinpei homecoming

2 - Why I Found It Captivating

This anime immerses you in a narrative teeming with mysteries, where each episode brings you closer to the truth. However, what sets it apart is the protagonist’s extraordinary ability to relive the same day, somewhat reminiscent of “Re:Zero.” This unique power adds an element of tension, as it comes with its own conditions.

Throughout the series, I was thoroughly engrossed in the ambiance. The characters are endearing and exceptionally well-crafted. The anime offers intense battles, intermittent touches of gritty realism to ratchet up the tension, and moments of profound contemplation. Every decision made carries the weight of potential consequences, including death.

As a viewer, you’ll run the gamut of emotions. There are beautiful, slice-of-life moments that feel remarkably genuine, juxtaposed with instances of heart-rending sadness that might even bring a tear to your eye.

3 - In Conclusion

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed Summer Time Rendering. The series sustains a consistent level of quality throughout its run, with each episode contributing something significant to the overall narrative. Furthermore, the series consists of a single season comprising 25 episodes, each lasting around 23 minutes. This format is incredibly accessible and easy to digest.

The story concludes by the end of this season, and personally, I found the ending quite satisfying.
I’m highlighting this anime today because it proved somewhat challenging to discover. I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled upon it, thanks to a review I found after many hours of searching.

The downside is that this anime is only available on Disney Plus, so you’ll need a subscription to enjoy it.