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Unity How to loop animation

Unity How to loop animation

On Unity, you can loop an animation with a single click.

You need to select your animation in the project hierarchy.
Then check “Loop Time” in the inspector.Unity how to loop created animation

When your animation reaches the last frame, it will start again at frame zero and run in a loop.

Loop with imported animation FBX

You can import FBX animations on Unity using external tools such as Blender and Mixamo.

The process is different for rendering a looped animation.
An animation has to be imported in Unity beforehand :

  1. Select your imported model
  2. Click on the “Animation” tab
  3. Select your clip
  4. Check the “Loop Time” box

Unity how to loop imported animation

Your animation is now ready to run in a loop.

Tip: Duplicate animations before editing them

When using imported models, we recommend that you duplicate the animations.

The configuration of the duplicate will be different from the basic import.
You can use the default import as a backup, as it will remain intact.

This approach allows us to keep a comparison element or rollback capability.

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