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Unity region

Unity Region, Organize Your Code

On Unity, the region directive (#region) allows you to organize your source code logically, improving its readability and maintainability.

Create a Region

By enclosing sections of your code with #region and #endregion, you create foldable areas in your editor, allowing you to hide parts of the code that you don’t need to see at the moment.

This is particularly useful for files containing large amounts of code.

Here is an example:

using UnityEngine;

namespace App
    using UnityEngine;

    public class CharacterController : MonoBehaviour
        #region Variables
        // Movement variables
        private float moveSpeed = 5f;
        private float rotationSpeed = 180f;

        // Jump variables
        private bool isGrounded = true;
        private float jumpForce = 8f;

As seen in the example below, regions provide good readability even with long files:

Unity region sample


Region Advantages

The benefits of using #region include faster code navigation, better organization of features, and increased ease when troubleshooting errors.

This directive is widely used in projects of all sizes to maintain a clean and well-structured codebase.

Positive points:

  • Improved readability of source code.
  • Logical organization of features.
  • Easy navigation and search.
  • Reduced visual clutter in large code files.

Region Tips

Interestingly, as mentioned in the Visual Studio documentation, you can collapse and expand using the keyboard shortcutsCTRL + M + M“.

If you use the Rider tool from Jetbrains, the default shortcuts are as follows:

  • Open a Region: Ctrl + Alt + T
  • Close a Region: Ctrl + Alt + L

Lastly, you can also create a hierarchy of regions using nested levels. This can be particularly useful for organizing larger sections of your code.


Region should be used liberally in your C# projects with or without Unity, making them clearer and easier to maintain.

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