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M. Editor

M. Editor

Unity timeScale – Managing time

Unity timeScale

Unity’s timeScale defines the speed at which the game runs.With a value of 1, time in the game flows as usual; at 0.5, it’s twice as slow; at 2, it’s twice as fast. This parameter allows you to make slow-motion…

Unity – Yield return null

Infinite loop symbole in town

In Unity, yield return null is used in a coroutine.It allows code to be executed just after the Update function. Inserted in a while(true) loop, it limits code execution to once per frame. How do I use yield return null?…

Unity – Undo Redo in Editor

Unity undo

On Unity and in almost all other software, you use “CTRL + Z” or “Command + Z” to undo and “CTRL + Y” or “Command + Y” to redo an action. However, when using a custom script in the editor,…

Unity list remove – Delete an item

Unity list remove

On Unity, there are several functions used to remove an item from a list.These methods also work for any type of C# project. Remove an item from a list in Unity Consequences of removing an element in a List Remove…

Unity Bounds – What is a bbox?

Unity bounds

On the Unity platform, the Bounds structure is the C# representation of a bounding box. This box, frequently used in mapping, is characterized by an area defined by its size and center.In the Unity ecosystem, it is notably applied to…

Unity Int to String Conversion

Unity int to string

In our ongoing exploration of type casting, we now enter into the realm of Unity int to string conversion. We’ll cover fundamental methods and then explore more advanced techniques applicable in specific scenarios. Table of Contents Basic Method for Unity:…

Unity List Length

Unity list length

On Unity, list length can be retrieved by code using a property. Table of contents Unity – Get list length? Using LINQ Method What to do with the length of a list? Tips: Instantiate a list with known length FAQ…