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Optimizing Script Execution Order in Unity

Unity script order execution

One of the most common pitfalls in Unity game development is the dreaded “NullReferenceException”. An essential factor in avoiding this error is maintaining a well-organized script execution order. If you’re looking for a comprehensive explanation of Unity’s event execution order,…

Unity How to lock rotation

Unity how to lock rotation

On Unity, we’ll look at how to lock the rotation of a physical object in 2D and 3D. Since it’s a physical object, it will have the Rigidbody2D component for 2D and the Rigidbody component for 3D. Lock rotation of…

Parent in Unity: The Full Guide

Unity how to get parent object

The concept of parent in Unity enables the hierarchical organization of game objects in our scene. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways of modifying this element. Table of Contents Get the Parent Object Get the Parent Root Set…

Unity: How to Add Text to Your Project

Unity how to add text

When first delving into Unity, newcomers may find themselves wondering how to incorporate text effectively into their projects. The question becomes, should one go for the classic Text component or opt for TextMeshPro? This guide aims to shed light on…

How Unity Could Ruined a French Company

Ankama problem

This article aims to shed light on the potential consequences of Unity’s recent pricing changes, using a concrete example. Unity is a prominent player in the video game industry, boasting a game engine used by millions worldwide. The world of…